Episode 1043

Would You Be My (Music) Neighbor? | Episode 1043

Since 2015 our nonprofit has focused on providing high-quality media content to Nashville-based music artists. Over the last few years, we have expanded our efforts to advocate for the expansion, diversification, and connectedness of Nashville’s existing music communities by helping musicians sustain their artistries through our services. We aim to connect people to more Nashville music artists of all genres, as the power of music is not restricted by societal boundaries and has the capability of building bridges between different cultures and demographics of people. From it’s initial iteration during our time in college, Music Neighbors was built off the passion we have for live music; Jason’s formed after losing his father when he was a teenager and finding solace in playing guitar and attending concerts, and Chelsea’s came from the communal aspect provided by over a decade spent in choir and other music programs throughout grade school.

Chelsea & Jason Garriott | @musicneighbors

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