Nashville Shattering Records

Nashville Shattering Records

the data has been released on visitor-ship in 2022. How does it compare to pre-pandemic numbers, and what can we predict for 2023?

Third Ave Gets Bought Up

Third Ave Gets Bought Up

A new Sake Bar is now open in Wedgewood-Houston. Edley’s BBQ goes south. Plus, Third Ave in Downtown Nashville sees major purchases.

May Real Estate Update

Episode 1073 May Real Estate Update | Episode 1073 Today’s Sponsors XPLR Tours Today’s episode is sponsored by XPLR Tours. Discover Nashville’s best tours by visiting and use ND10 for 10% off their History of Nashville Walking Tour. XPLR Tours is a top-rated walking tour company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Led by passionate and knowledgeable guides, […]

Rebuilding Second Avenue

Rebuilding Second Avenue - Nashville Daily Podcast

Nashville may once more experience a second solar eclipse in one decade. Plus, the rebuilding of Second Avenue is finally a reality.

Rapid Transit or Rapid Chaos?

Rapid Transit or Rapid Chaos - Episode 1069

Mayor Cooper’s fiscal year 2024 budget may include a faster way to get to the airport. But how long would that plan take?

Rezoning Near “Rock Block”

Rezoning Near “Rock Block”

Raising Cane’s first Nashville location on the west side announces their opening date. Plus, Nashville’s infamous Rock Block gets rezoned.

Developing SOUTH of the East Bank | Episode 1065

Metro created a new commission for more arts and entertainment jobs to come to Nashville. Visit Music City’s President speaks up about when Nashville will seek a Super Bowl. Plus, a new development is proposed just south of the East Bank.

Nashville’s top hotel just announced a new rooftop experience. Tiger Woods is bringing a golf concept to Nashville. Plus, how did the Titans perform in the NFL draft? Did the Tennessee Titans make a bad pick in the NFL Draft?