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Brad Reynolds

If you’re thinking Nashville, you should also Think Brad. Brad Reynolds is a Nashville based Realtor closing in on $200m in sales and knows Nashville real estate like nobody else.  Reach out to Brad at, subscribe to his youtube channel “Think Brad”, and follow him on Instagram @brad_reynolds_nashville. Think Nashville, Think Brad.


Screened Threads

If you are looking for printing on-demand for apparel, Screened Threads is the perfect solution for you.


Blessed Day Coffee Roasters

Save 20% PLUS free shipping to many locations in and near Nashville using code “XPLR20” at checkout.


Blessed Day Coffee is focused on having not only the best coffee beans to be roasted, but the most sustainable coffee on earth. 

They roast in small batches so that they can have extreme quality control and have a wide variety of roasts available on their website… AND they are located right here in Nashville. 

If you are looking for some of the best and freshest coffee you can get your hands on, we’re proud to be working with Blessed Day Coffee to bring you a fantastic deal as listeners of Nashville Daily.