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Nashville Daily is recorded right in here in Music City. The podcast launched August 1st, 2019, and has been releasing episodes nearly every day since.

We cover local news, talk about best food, interview artists and songwriters, give you history that is worth listening to, talk with local business and city leaders, and bring you so much more about the great city of Nashville.

To learn more about Nashville, check out this podcast on any of your preferred podcast platforms.

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Meet The Hosts


Stuart Deming has been in Nashville for almost a decade. He hails from Upstate, New York. He is a sponge of information when it comes to everything Nashville. He has given over 15,000 people history, food, and cultural tours of Nashville. He is passionate about how people experience the city, and does not want anyone to waste their time here.
Co-Founder | Co-Host


Erin Pennington is a storyteller that hails from the Heartland of Kentucky. When he’s not on air with Nashville Daily, you can find Erin teaching college students video production and photography; sitting with his laptop at a local coffee shop; or taking a walk in East Nashville. You will not find Erin without a hat on.
Co-Founder | Co-Host